2024 Race Schedule

Date Race  

Sep 14

Idaho Running Day 1/2  
Sep 21 FitOne  
Oct 5 Rush Creek Stampede  
Oct 12

Run 4 Heaven's Gate 

Fiftytwo.four 2024 Calendar

April 15 Online registration opens!
($30 discount until May 30!) $150
April 22 Spring Sign-up/Info Meeting 6:30 pm - Calvary Boise
April 27 Spring Training Begins (see training schedule)
May 27 Summer Sign-up/Info Meeting 6:30 pm - Calvary Meridian
May 30

Early Registration Discount Ends

June 1 Summer Training Begins - Weekly Group Runs Start (see training schedule)
July 15 Deadline to register for Fiftytwo.four - Online registration closes.
July 20

@ The District Coffeehouse- Fundraising/letter writing party 5:00 pm -  come and pick up fundraising letters, get tips on how to maximize your fundraising efforts, and get to know your 2024 Fiftytwo.four teammates!

Aug 24 Business Logos Due (to be printed on our race shirts)
Aug 24 All team meeting at Dottie's
Sept 12 Packet Pick-up!  Pick up your race bag and t-shirts, and have a great time with your teammates, friends, and family.
Sept 14 (Saturday) Race #1 - Idaho Running Day 1/2
Sept 21 (Saturday) Race #2 - FitOne
Oct 5 (Saturday) Race #3 - Rush Creek Stampede
Oct 12 (Saturday) Race #4 - Run 4 Heavens Gate 1/2
Oct 18 Post-Race Party 6:30 pm - Calvary Boise

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to run/walk all 4 half marathons?

Yes, each Fiftytwo.four participant is required to complete all 4 listed half-marathons☺ No- your friend can’t run 2 and you run 2… this is all you!!  

How do I get connected with my team?

Shortly after you register you will be contacted by your team leader. Your team leader is there to answer questions, provide encouragement, and build relationships… you are not in this alone & one of the awesome blessings of Fiftytwo.four is all the new friends we make!

What are race mornings like & do I need to wear my 52.4 shirt at all the races?  

We send out a pre-race email approximately one week before each race with detailed instruction, but we highly recommend looking at each race website and mapping out your travel time. We will take a team photo ½ an hour before each race start. It is your responsibility to be at each race early, so you will be included in the team photo. Fiftytwo.four race shirts must be worn at all 4 races on the outside of any warmer layers.

What do I do if I get injured?

We highly recommend seeing a sports medicine doctor or sports physical therapist - ISMI (208-336-8250) is located at Boise State University and does an amazing job of diagnosing, treating, and getting you back to your training!

Costs Involved

  • When you register at fiftytwofour.org, your $150 race fee pays for all four of your half-marathon registration fees. If you register before May 30st, you’ll pay only $120! We receive discounted rates for each run, and will register you for each of our 4 runs. You do not need to register for each race individually. Fiftytwo.four does not receive any money from your race fees.
  • Envelopes and postage to mail your fundraising letters.
  • Running shoes & good socks☺ Please make sure you are in a good pair of running shoes and socks, it is vital to minimize injuries! Idaho Running Company does an amazing job of fitting you in a shoe specific to your running style and feet. We also want to give them a big thank you for donating our running shirts every year!


The whole purpose of participating in Fiftytwo.four is to raise funds for HIV/AIDS orphans and families in India.  The heart of this ministry has always been about the children, let them be your driving force- and please commit to working as hard at fundraising as you do at training!  Remember to get your fundraising letters out as soon as possible, letters will be ready for pick-up on July 22nd at our fundraising meeting.  

Some quick tips:

  • Mail letters to EVERYONE you know!
  • Include a personal letter (put your heart into it, tell them why you are running for Fiftytwo.four in your own words).
  • Self-address a small envelope to include in your mailing, it makes it easier for you sponsors to mail their donations back.
  • All checks need to be made out to: Fiftytwo.four
    and mailed back to your home address or mailed to:
    10165 Saranac Drive
    Boise, ID 83709
  • As your donations start coming in—keep a list of your sponsors names & addresses, so you can easily send out thank you letters at the end of the race series.   
  • You will receive a donor list at the end of our race season so that you can send thank you letters.
  • Think outside the box… garage sales, bake sales, used book sale…

Business Sponsors

  • Bronze: $200 level
  • Silver: $500 level
  • Gold: $1000 level

Business sponsor logos will be printed on our race shirts and included in our thank you letters.