52.4 Miles for children that are neglected and forgotten

My name is Josiah Peters and I have been partnering with FiftyTwo.Four since 2010! I consider myself blessed to be physically able to run these races and raise money for children who have no advocates. Your generous donations go such a long way in India and are truly appreciated.

I've committed to be a part of the 2022 52.4 team, we are a group of runners and walkers of all ages commit to being part of a Boise area team that will complete four half-marathon races in four weeks. Before and during the races, participants fundraise for our cause by asking family, friends, and businesses to sponsor their efforts to help children suffering with HIV/AIDS in India. They also spend lots of time training to prepare their bodies for the huge physical challenge of completing 4 half-marathons in 4 weeks (13.1 x 4 = 52.4 miles of love).

Thank you!

Fiftytwo.four is a 501(c)3 community based non-profit organization. We operate solely on lots of amazing volunteers and donations. Any overhead costs (which are very minimal) are covered through designated donations of our board of directors. We are a very grassroots organization full of lots of amazing people that just simply want to use their lives to make a difference in lives of a lot of beautiful children in India that need our help. 100% of the money that we raise is sent to the organization that we support in India. Our money is specifically designated for the endless needs of HIV/AIDS orphans. It covers anything and everything pertaining to the needs of HIV/AIDS orphans but is designated each year based on where the greatest need is. Some ways that our funds have been spent in the past 14 years: medicals needs, nutritious foods, education costs, medicine, building costs for new HIV/AIDS facilities, vehicles to transport the children