Boise Grand Slam FKT Fundraiser

Hi y'all, and thanks for checking out my India fundraising page for my Boise Grand Slam FKT attempt!

This is a little outside the ordinary for a Fiftytwo.four fundraiser page, so let me explain. For the past six years, I have been one of the runners participating in Fiftytwo.four's mission of running four half marathons in a month to raise funds for AIDS orphanages in India. This spring, I will be attempting to complete the Boise Grand Slam FKT (a series of four peaks outside of Boise, Idaho) solely on foot. The route covers around 60 miles and has 10,000+ feet of elevation gain. I've been preparing to tackle this for several months, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit, I realized I needed to make this more than just me spending a day in the mountains.

I'm not one for tugging on heartstrings usually, so I'll keep it short and quick. Due to the Indian government's reasonable response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Home of Hope AIDS orphanages in India that are supported through Fiftytwo.four's usual fundraising are facing more financial difficulties than usual. I'm taking the opportunity to use my FKT attempt to help fill that need by raising funds this spring, instead of waiting till the usual fall fundraising period. Every dollar you donate goes straight to India to care for those wonderful children through these uncertain times. Even though times are tough for all of us, I hope you'll join me in supporting the kids in India so they can stay safe and healthy. I hope and pray you will be blessed in helping me bless them!

Thank you!

Fiftytwo.four is a 501(c)3 community based non-profit organization. We operate solely on lots of amazing volunteers and donations. Any overhead costs (which are very minimal) are covered through designated donations of our board of directors. We are a very grassroots organization full of lots of amazing people that just simply want to use their lives to make a difference in lives of a lot of beautiful children in India that need our help. 100% of the money that we raise is sent to the organization that we support in India. Our money is specifically designated for the endless needs of HIV/AIDS orphans. It covers anything and everything pertaining to the needs of HIV/AIDS orphans but is designated each year based on where the greatest need is. Some ways that our funds have been spent in the past 10 years: medicals needs, nutritious foods, education costs, medicine, building costs for new HIV/AIDS facilities, vehicles to transport the children