WHAT'S THE GOAL? Runners and walkers of all ages commit to being part of a Boise area team that will complete four half-marathon races in four weeks. Before and during the races, participants fundraise for our cause by asking family, friends, and businesses to sponsor their efforts to help children suffering with HIV/AIDS in India.  They also spend lots of time training to prepare their bodies for the huge physical challenge of completing 4 half marathons in 4 weeks ( 13.1 x 4= 52.4 miles of love).

WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? Fiftytwo.four is a pending 501(c)3 community based non-profit organization.  We operate solely on lots of amazing volunteers and donations.  Any overhead costs (which are very minimal) are covered through designated donations of our board of directors.  We are a very grassroots organization full of lots of amazing people that just simply want to use their lives to make a difference in lives of a lot of beautiful children in India that need our help.  100% of the money that we raise is sent to the organization that we support in India.  Our money is specifically designated for the endless needs of HIV/AIDS orphans.  It covers anything and everything pertaining to the needs of HIV/AIDS orphans but is designated each year based on where the greatest need is.  Some ways that our funds have been spent in the past 10 years: medicals needs, nutritious foods, education costs, medicine, building costs for new HIV/AIDS facilities, vehicles to transport the children.

52.4 MILES OF LOVE! I've made a commitment to complete these four races. I'm asking you to partner with me to make a difference in the lives of some very precious people. I know that completing the runs will be challenging, but I'll be racing for a purpose much greater than myself and that is my sole motivation. Through the generous support of friends, family, and businesses, runners were able to raise over $840,000 in 11 years! All race fees are paid by me, so 100% of your donation goes directly to those suffering. Let's work together to make this year's effort our best yet.

Thank you!

Why I RUN, RUN, RUN . . .

Here’s the short and long versions:


We will run 4 half-marathons in 4 weeks, 13.1 miles each, 52.4 miles total in the month of October. Not because I am crazy, but to help orphans in India with HIV/AIDS.


Since starting this journey in 2014, I’ve climbed over 1200 flights of stairs, and run over 874 miles. During this last summer of training, naturally, my thoughts have been consumed with my own pain. Most of the time, just uncomfortable really. (Really uncomfortable) And other times, the pain has been great. But compared to what? And, compared to whom?  Through every painful step, I have replied … “WHY NOT?” After all, I volunteered for this. I can just quit anytime I want, right? So to keep pushing forward, I turn my focus to a child. One that cannot just quit. One that cannot change his own circumstances. One that cannot stop the pain. These children are ignored by their own countrymen, and frightening to their own neighbors. Because in their belief system, it is better for their Karma that they should just suffer and die. “They must have done something horrible to deserve such a terrible fate.”

I was inspired to run and give after hearing about what Heaven’s Gate Orphanages were doing to make a difference in India. Heaven’s Gate orphanages have helped hundreds of children who have HIV/AIDS. Some of these children literally have watched both of their own parents die in front of them, before they find themselves alone, just waiting now for their turn. 52.4 has helped those children have smiling, thriving faces. They now have family, healthy meals, clothing, school, friends, songs to sing and a reason to sing them.

We live in a country filled with luxury and convenience. Our days are bombarded with “FIRST-WORLD” problems. Because of this, I hear a lot of complaining, and I have done more than my fair share.  Some people in this world can only dream of having a life that is filled with our kind of problems, while we can hardly imagine the suffering they experience. From having difficulty deciding which kind of ethnic food we would choose from the countless number of restaurants in a 20 min. drive. Complaining about our food being served to us too cold or to slow; to then sending the dish back because we found a hair in the garnish. This would be unfathomable to a person that is just hoping to have something to eat that day.  I’m not saying that we have it perfect.  I’m just saying that we have more than enough.

I’m asking you to sponsor me for these runs. If you are interested, please donate!  All our race fees, shoes, supplies etc. are paid by the participants, so 100% of the runners’ sponsorships are sent directly to the orphanages in India specially designed to care for children with HIV/AIDS. Each facility provides a loving environment and staff to administer appropriate medical care. In addition, the surrounding villages are also assisted with food, medicine, housing, and health education.

If giving to kids on the other side of the planet is not your thing. That is fine. Perhaps you're skeptical of the whole thing. If so, thanks for reading this far.  I encourage you to turn your attention to the needs right in your own community, neighborhood, or just down the street. Even the house right next to you could have a person in need of your help. You don’t have to just give money- give of your time, which can be far more valuable. No, it will not change the world immediately, but in the “Long Run”, it will change you, for the better.