Why I'm Doing This

Most endurance competition ideas are more likely to frighten than entice me. Did you know the marathon was invented when Philippides or Pheidippides ran 26.2 miles to bring news to the town of Marathon and collapsed dead on the spot? That fact is why you won’t get me into a full marathon.


However, this fall, you'll see me out during four half-marathon races, moving at the breakneck speed of up to 3.5 miles an hour. I like to kid that I'm working towards winning the top prize at each race in Bizarro World. (i.e. Finishing the race last.)

My wife once said of me, "He's good at everything he does, but he only does what he's good at." There's a perfectionist in me that assumes, if I can't do it perfectly, it's not worth doing. In doing Fifty-two Four, I've learned to compete not because I'm good at this, but to join with an incredible group of people to raise money to help kids in India who otherwise would have no future.

The efforts of fifty-two four are making a big difference. They're providing for orphans in India who would otherwise be discarded. The funds we raise support efforts to give these kids a safe, loving place to stay, food, medicine, and an education. More important than that, it provides kids hope, and many are able to find careers as adults and have a chance for a full life. In this world, we're inundated with so much hatred and bad news. Participating in fifty-two four, or sponsoring one of us, is an opportunity to make a positive impact on kids who need us so much. As I participate each season, I not only help orphans in India., I get opportunities to grow and to learn about God and his faithfulness.

Adam Walking Facts

Favorite in-race Snacks: Dried Apricots

Favorite Drink:  Powerade Zero

General Pace: A lumbering pace that wizzes by slugs, turtles, and sloths (think animals, not people.)

Favorite Walking Activity: Listening to Audio Dramas from Big Finish, mostly of the Doctor Who variety. Occasionally, these improve my time. The Doctor frequently tells people to run. I pretend he was talking to me and run as if fleeing from a horde of monsters until I’m out of breath, at which point I'm grateful I'm not running from monsters.

Previous 52.4/ Run for Heaven’s Gate: 2014 and 2016.

 Half Marathon outside of This: Yes, in 2016, I did another half marathon. One of the finisher medals handed out in the 2014 race was a puzzle piece and you had to do the other race to get the other half.

Best Half Marathon Time: 03:48:50, 2016 Fit for Life.

Worst Half Marathon Time: 04:39:52 2016 Onward Shay 

Favorite Half Marathon: City of Trees: It's a nice straight, easy course that goes along Boise's Greenbelt.

Favorite Other Races: I love the Famous Potato 5K/10K. Also Turkey Day 5K is great because not only do the proceeds help the homeless but it makes me feel better about all the food I'm about to eat.

Greatest Weaknesses as a Walker: My right ankle and my back’s degenerative disc condition.

Any other weaknesses: Poor sense of direction. Most races, I go further than necessary because I get lost. Most of the time, it's not too bad, but in the most recent Famous Potato, I went more than a mile extra because I was following a guy who turned out not to be in the race. Regardless, if you pledge for me to go 52.4 miles, you'll get the bonus mile or two thrown in at no additional cost.

Inspiration When Tempted to Give Up: There's the kids in India who need help, and then I think of the Death Crawl scene in Facing the Giants.